24HrComicDay-2015 [part1] #LMNOPart

October 3-4 2015 was a crazy 24 hours. A group of creatives gathered and participated in a draw-a-thon that covered 24-straight hours from concept to completion. The following images take you through my personally process in a 24-hr window. And yes, the train came off the rails in the wee hours. 🙂

Page 1 of 24;  Sat. 10-11am. Settling down to the task at hand, trying to create some parameters for myself by establishing some history of the event & finally showing that I’m just this side of crazy to think I can do this thing. Text reads, “It began in the summer of 1990… -Scott McCloud” 2015-24HRCD-01.jpg

Page 2 of 24;  Sat. 11-12pm. Text reads, “I’ve tried this marathon-in-ink once before, in 2011 [4 years ago]
..illustrated a set of haiku’s I’d written.
Ouch. Spaced bill payment.
Like my brain, insurance lapsed.
Beep beep eats ca-ching$.
‘The 5-7-5’s’
Got 17 images in 15 hours and then.. the wall hit me at 3am Sunday morning.”

Page 3 of 24;  Sat. 12-1pm. Text reads,  “Well.. you HAVE been a good girl! ”
& “Are you sure that’s not a moon picture?  I’m not saying… I’m just sayin.”

Page 4 of 24;  Sat. 1-2pm. Text reads, “WHERE: According to the page http://www.24hourcomicsday.com, ‘on this day creative folks take on the challenge: to create a 24 page comic book story [normally months worth of work] in 24 straight hours.’  This gathering of like minded creatives has taken place since 2004.  Although the 24 hour comics day is an international celebration, I’ve only participated with the Minneapolis location at MCBA [MN Center for Book Arts]”
The monster comment, “Behind these doors MAGIC happens. ”

Page 5 of 24;  Sat. 2-3pm. Text reads, “5th hr still life”

Page 6 of 24;  Sat. 3:30-4:15pm. After taking a short break, I noticed many of the other illustrator’s were doing fiction based story lines.. drawing from the cue I decided to include at least one larger-than-life character.  I particularly liked the BLING in his smile. Text reads, “…I need a super hero in here.”
Page 7 of 24;  Sat. 4:15-5:30pm. Text reads, “NOTABLE 24 HR ALUMNI. Neil Gaiman, author of ‘Coraline’, ‘the Sandman’ & ‘American Gods’ participated in the 2nd go at 24HCD just as he was *getting rolling on the sandman series. There is a ‘Gaiman variation’ consisting of finishing 14 pages and calling it good.
*Quote from  http://www.scottmccloud.com”
The monster comment, “Is it okay to have a crush on his brain?”

Page 8 of 24;  Sat. 5:50-6:30pm. [I think the pizza arrived around here.. and there was much rejoicing] Text reads, “RANDOM* STUFF I BROUGHT  *not to size, duh”2015-24HRCD-08.jpg
Page 9 of 24;  Sat. 7-7:30pm. Text reads, “WHO & WHY- so these folks.. here’s the spec’s.. aprox 2/3 men & about 1/3 are women; various backgrounds, styles, interests; the reason’s vary.. art-as-therapy, push limits, rite-of-passage, exhilaration, catharsis, meet&network, or like me: just to record the event.. & endure.”
The monster comment, “It’s so quiet if there were crickets, you could hear ’em.

Page 10 of 24;  Sat. 7:30-8pm. Fatigue is setting in hard now.. I’ve been awake since about 5am and I can feel my thoughts becoming squishy.  Text reads, “This is the panel where I draw my left hand with my right.. because I’m TOO tired to do any fancy left handed tricks.. maybe next week.”  The monsters comment, “Chubby fingers girl”& “Drought and famine resistant girl”
Page 11 of 24;  Sat. 8-8:30pm. Text reads, “This Is Your Face… THIS    is your face on SLEEP DEPRIVATION… ~ART~IS~A~CRUEL~MISTRESS~ Hide your kids.. hide your wife.. your chins may vary.. partnership for a well rested America”
Page 12 of 24;  Sat. 8:30-10pm. Text reads, “There’s always a NEED for a doodle page”
The monster comment, “I know.. it’s a guilty pleasure”
Page 13 of 24;  Sat. 10:45-11:15pm. I particularly liked this image because it made me think of lily pads, pond ripples, ripples in time, as well as something that could fit in a twilight zone episode.. which is what I was beginning to feel like.
Page 14 of 24;  Sat. 11:15-11:30pm. I was having trouble keeping focus when I was between drawings.. deciding what to draw next.  This one was strictly a stream of consciousness.. I couldn’t think so I just let the pen do something.. anything.  Are we having fun yet?
Page 15 of 24;  Sat. 11:30-11:45pm. Again, a stream of consciousness drawing, also alluding to a comic themed drama panel because I was feeling somewhat wonky.. additionally, I’m trying to make up some time since I set out to have at least one drawing done for each hour and I was behind on that schedule.

Midnight.. End of part 1…


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