24HrComicDay-2015 [part1] #LMNOPart

October 3-4 2015 was a crazy 24 hours. A group of creatives gathered and participated in a draw-a-thon that covered 24-straight hours from concept to completion. The following images take you through my personally process in a 24-hr window. And yes, the train came off the rails in the wee hours. ūüôā

Page 1 of 24;¬† Sat. 10-11am. Settling down to the task at hand, trying to create some parameters for myself by establishing some history of the event & finally showing that I’m just this side of crazy to think I can do this thing. Text reads, “It began in the summer of 1990… -Scott McCloud” 2015-24HRCD-01.jpg

Page 2 of 24;¬† Sat. 11-12pm. Text reads, “I’ve tried this marathon-in-ink once before, in 2011 [4 years ago]
..illustrated a set of haiku’s I’d written.
Ouch. Spaced bill payment.
Like my brain, insurance lapsed.
Beep beep eats ca-ching$.
‘The 5-7-5’s’
Got 17 images in 15 hours and then.. the wall hit me at 3am Sunday morning.”

Page 3 of 24;¬† Sat. 12-1pm. Text reads,¬† “Well.. you HAVE been a good girl! ”
& “Are you sure that’s not a moon picture?¬† I’m not saying… I’m just sayin.”

Page 4 of 24;¬† Sat. 1-2pm. Text reads, “WHERE: According to the page http://www.24hourcomicsday.com, ‘on this day creative folks take on the challenge: to create a 24 page comic book story [normally months worth of work] in 24 straight hours.’¬† This gathering of like minded creatives has taken place since 2004.¬† Although the 24 hour comics day is an international celebration, I’ve only participated with the Minneapolis location at MCBA [MN Center for Book Arts]”
The monster comment, “Behind these doors MAGIC happens. ”

Page 5 of 24;¬† Sat. 2-3pm. Text reads, “5th hr still life”

Page 6 of 24;¬† Sat. 3:30-4:15pm. After taking a short break, I noticed many of the other illustrator’s were doing fiction based story lines.. drawing from the cue I decided to include at least one larger-than-life character.¬† I particularly liked the BLING in his smile. Text reads, “…I need a super hero in here.”
Page 7 of 24;¬† Sat. 4:15-5:30pm. Text reads, “NOTABLE 24 HR ALUMNI. Neil Gaiman, author of ‘Coraline’, ‘the Sandman’ & ‘American Gods’ participated in the 2nd go at 24HCD just as he was *getting rolling on the sandman series. There is a ‘Gaiman variation’ consisting of finishing 14 pages and calling it good.
*Quote from¬† http://www.scottmccloud.com”
The monster comment, “Is it okay to have a crush on his brain?”

Page 8 of 24;¬† Sat. 5:50-6:30pm. [I think the pizza arrived around here.. and there was much rejoicing] Text reads, “RANDOM* STUFF I BROUGHT¬† *not to size, duh”2015-24HRCD-08.jpg
Page 9 of 24;¬† Sat. 7-7:30pm. Text reads, “WHO & WHY- so these folks.. here’s the spec’s.. aprox 2/3 men & about 1/3 are women; various backgrounds, styles, interests; the reason’s vary.. art-as-therapy, push limits, rite-of-passage, exhilaration, catharsis, meet&network, or like me: just to record the event.. & endure.”
The monster comment, “It’s so quiet if there were crickets, you could hear ’em.

Page 10 of 24;¬† Sat. 7:30-8pm. Fatigue is setting in hard now.. I’ve been awake since about 5am and I can feel my thoughts becoming squishy.¬† Text reads, “This is the panel where I draw my left hand with my right.. because I’m TOO tired to do any fancy left handed tricks.. maybe next week.”¬† The monsters comment, “Chubby fingers girl”& “Drought and famine resistant girl”
Page 11 of 24;¬† Sat. 8-8:30pm. Text reads, “This Is Your Face… THIS¬†¬†¬† is your face on SLEEP DEPRIVATION… ~ART~IS~A~CRUEL~MISTRESS~ Hide your kids.. hide your wife.. your chins may vary.. partnership for a well rested America”
Page 12 of 24;¬† Sat. 8:30-10pm. Text reads, “There’s always a NEED for a doodle page”
The monster comment, “I know.. it’s a guilty pleasure”
Page 13 of 24;  Sat. 10:45-11:15pm. I particularly liked this image because it made me think of lily pads, pond ripples, ripples in time, as well as something that could fit in a twilight zone episode.. which is what I was beginning to feel like.
Page 14 of 24;¬† Sat. 11:15-11:30pm. I was having trouble keeping focus when I was between drawings.. deciding what to draw next.¬† This one was strictly a stream of consciousness.. I couldn’t think so I just let the pen do something.. anything.¬† Are we having fun yet?
Page 15 of 24;¬† Sat. 11:30-11:45pm. Again, a stream of consciousness drawing, also alluding to a comic themed drama panel because I was feeling somewhat wonky.. additionally, I’m trying to make up some time since I set out to have at least one drawing done for each hour and I was behind on that schedule.

Midnight.. End of part 1…


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