24HrComicDay-2015 [part2] #LMNOPart

24HrComicDay-2015 [part2]

Page 16 of 24;  Sun. 12a-12:20am. More images of my mind feeling squishy. Text reads, “until the swirling vortex pulls you/me in”


Page 17 of 24;  Sun. 12:30a-1am. I was hitting a creative wall and the insight [the light] went out.  A small panic set in so after I finished this panel I gave myself a long break and came back with a resolve to just draw whatever came to me.  I put together a few thumbnails to carry me through the early hours.Text reads, “and then the light went out”
Page 18 of 24;  Sun. 1-2am. I’m trying to embrace the ’empty’ in my head at this point.  I consciously turned away from the panic I’d felt during the last time-window.  Time started feeling very elastic during this drawing.   The sensation from this hour left me somewhat refreshed.. unpressured. Text reads, “That day.. I stood on the hill for a long time.”
Page 19 of 24;  Sun. 2-2:15am. Leaning hard into the deconstructing of my stream of consciousness.  Trying to enjoy the ride. Text reads, “UPDATE: at 2am I’m officially awake for 20 consecutive hours. You may now roll over & go back to sleep.”
The monster [in the form of the tomb stone] comment, “R.I.P. my brain.  herpa derp”
Page 20 of 24;  Sun. 2:30-2:50am. A bit of an existential panel.. I started chugging water from here forward. Text reads, “FYI, it’s very imp.orta.nt to drink mohr water”
The monster comment, “You’re parched.. and loopy”
Page 21 of 24;  Sun. 5-5:30am. Somewhere between the last panel and this I lost 2 hours during which I walked around and ate some pizza.  I can clearly tell you it felt like 15 minutes.  This panel was me giving myself a pep talk.  Is this gonna be ‘a bust’ or am I seeing the finish line? Text reads, “Put your money where your mouth is”
Page 22 of 24;  Sun. 5:30-5:45am. I gotta laugh at myself here.  I’m in a ‘pissing contest’ with myself.  Wanted to prove [to myself] that I could do more than a cartoon at this point in the festivities. Oy. Kinda funny the frame of mind that could come up with that. Text reads, “5:30am still life”. The monster comment, “except the 2nd hand keeps moving… meh.”


Page 23 of 24;  Sun. 5:45-6am. After I finished panel 22, I realized I had 2 panels left to accomplish the 24-in-24.  The party in my head started once I could see the finish line. Text reads, “..gotta sing, gotta dance”
2015-24HRCD-23.jpg Page 24 of 24;  Sun. 6-6:30am. The sensation that happens after the 24th panels is amazing.  A light headed euphoria and a realization that I didn’t let IT beat me.  It was wonderful… And I was TAPPED out. Text reads, “..I gotta sit down.. this was my last panel.. what the? I made it? SRSLY!? HOLY CRAP”. The monsters comments, “I need a peer group”.. “Let’s go again” ..and “SRSLY”2015-24HRCD-24.jpg

Post script page 25;  Sun. 10-10:30pm. Text reads, “Post Script: Finished 24 panels @ 7am [actually a little later but I was tired]. Took a group photo of the ‘survivors’. Packed my stuff & headed for the train to take me back to Saint Paul.  Discovered the muscles in my lower back had been converted to oatmeal in the last day, making walking any distance virtually a pipe dream. Fortune smiled on me in the form of a CAR2GO vehicle… I said ‘be damned the expense’ & hauled my bootie & my bootie home where my loving life-partner & Collin Ferrel stunt double pointed me at the bedroom & gave a shove.  2 pamprin & a 12 hour nap later I clawed my rubbery body to the living room where 2 DQ chili dogs & a bottle of ice tea.. Waited for me via my beloved.  I’m sure the next 12 hrs will be a treasure of aches & pains but despite everything I rege… regret nothing… except that typo. –LMNOP”
ALSO include thanks to all who contributed to the event. 2015-24HRCD-25.jpg

Post script page 26; Monsters always get the last word.
“That’s it.  Now go draw sumpin.  SHEESH”




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