“Fight Like A Girl”, the LONG awaited project update

“Fight Like A Girl”!

Hi all, wanted to thank each and every one of you for your patience and support.
My team [me myself & I] are working as hard as I can to make“Fight Like A Girl” a successful book so it can go out into the world and do important things.
I’ve been talking with a Minneapolis publisher [more on that in the coming weeks] and we’re working on many fronts to make this go…


[is that a term? if it’s not, it is now] to get this message into as many hands as want/need it.
I’ll be posting semi-weekly updates about limited edition goodies and promotions for the “Fight Like A Girl” project.
There’s a lot to be excited about here and the future looks bright so stay tuned.
As always, if you would…

share this link!

with your FB friends and email anyone that you think would like to hear about the “Fight Like A Girl” book it’ll helps get the word out and be ever so appreciated. Thanks for your patience my friends and, as always..

“Fight Like A Girl”!


Exhition 5/6/16

Since the art crawl was so cool, I’m gonna invite you’all to the 2nd art exhibition I’ll be participating in in as many months… Let me know if you can come by.. [it’ll be a smaller, quieter event than last weeks !!2500+!! people at SPAC.]warmpix copy

Click link for event details: www.facebook.com/events/263275364018179/