May 6th Exhition

Since the art crawl was so cool, I’m gonna invite you’all to the 2nd art exhibition I’ll be participating in in as many months… Let me know if you can come by.. [it’ll be a smaller, quieter event than last weeks !!2500+!! people at SPAC.]warmpix copy

Click link for event details:


One artist’s journey LMNOP checkin-in:

2/11/16-After taking a myriad of workshops on how an artist does this artist-being-successful-thing in 2016 I’ve decided to relocate my blog from typepad to wordpress.  These things happen. 🙂

Since I’m new here and the place I go to when I have a question is the great BORG brain called Youtube I start with the question: how does one [me] run this beasty?

There will be some bumps in moving things from the old site to here.. It’s so NOT easy to start over.. as it is in any aspect of life.. but there are things I want to take forward from the other site.. memories, images, events.. with that thought, I’ll be starting this blog with things I had at the other one and tagging them with the date they were published.. hopefully that won’t be terribly confusing.. although I may be the only one reading this so it may not rock anyone’s boat anyhoo.

SOOO.. everything from HERE back may not be in chronological order but from here forward we should be good to go. 🙂

So much Fun.. [well, it starts with an “F” anyhow.] 😛